About us

Tatchipen Media, the Romani Media and Publishing Company, and its Blogs, etc., were created because of the many half-truths that I have encountered, and especially here with regards to reviews of books, movies and products, etc.

I used to write freelance as a reviewer – products and books – for a number of publications a number of years back and during that time discovered to my dismay that the editorial policy of almost all publications is that of “no negative reviews” in any way, shape or form. This makes it entirely impossible to give the readers the truth.

The such behavior also recently made me leave a website as a Blogger where a similar policy appears to be in place. I am not being told that a piece of mine critical of bottled water is being pulled because they are looking to have an ethical bottled water company for a sponsor. What precisely is an “ethical bottled water company?” There is nothing ethical about bottled water, period!

My integrity is to the readers of our publications and, as far as I am concerned, everywhere where I would write for, and not to any editor, sponsor or advertiser. Thus the reader of any of the Tatchipen Media publications, whether Blogs or in print, can rest assured that any reviews and such are on the nail and are not written to sweeten up a sponsor or advertiser.

Tatchipen is the Romani (Gypsy) word for truth and truth is what you are going to be getting with Tatchipen Media. Sometimes the truth hurts but, as far as I am concerned, so be it. Our readers deserve the truth. All readers, as far as I am concerned do, and any publication that is not prepared to do that is not worth being bought and read. Harsh words? Maybe, but, again, so be it.